About Us

WebConcepts Unlimited has a wealth of experience to offer your organization. Elizabeth Bailey founded WebConcepts Unlimited to assist other small businesses with their Internet marketing programs. She offers her experience and knowledge as a project manager, web designer, and manager of documentation, training, and web development departments.

Dr. Bailey has demonstrated expertise aligning training and other interventions with business processes and providing training and communication to clients, team members, and stakeholders to integrate with business operations. Worked within several industries including healthcare, government, software development, deregulated utilities, oil and gas, and financial services, where project deliverables and performance improvement measures have been successfully aligned with business processes.

Elizabeth has worked in more than seven industries, including healthcare, government, software development, deregulated energy, oil and gas, real estate, and mortgage, my experience spans all aspects of curriculum development, policy and procedure, instructional design, process design, technical communication, and management. Specialties include process improvement, behavioral diagnostic skills, facilitation, consulting, business process improvement, onboarding strategy, software training, criterion-based learning, evaluation strategies, blended learning, post-learning strategies, behavioral engineering, performance analysis, performance support systems, web design, and course development.


Elizabeth is a Fellow of the Society for Technical Communication and a previous President of the Lone Star Chapter. Performing multiple roles within in her work experience, as well as within the STC, her contributions to the Society have resulted in a Region 5 Director-Sponsor award, Distinguished Special Interest Group Service Award, and the Distinguished Chapter Service Award. Elizabeth is the current Management stem manager for the 2008 STC Conference being held in Philadelphia. Elizabeth has provided services as webmaster for the Society’s Management SIG web site, served as an STC Science and Engineering Fair Special Awards Judge for five years, managed the 1998 Region 5 Conference, managed the LSC 2000-2001 Competitions, and has presented at the last six International STC Conferences.


Elizabeth holds a Doctorate in Applied Technology, Training & Development from the University of North Texas, a Master’s of Instructional and Performance Technology from Boise State University, and a Bachelors of Science in Management.

Supporting the learning of others, she currently teaches courses at Boise State University and the University of Maryland University College, and has taught college courses at Richland College in Richardson.