As WebConcepts Unlimited was founded to assist other small businesses with their Internet marketing programs, we offer you links to other sites that may assist you in your marketing efforts.

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HTML Guide


General Common Gateway Interface (CGI) or Java scripts can be used to perform many powerful functions, including adding forms, guestbooks, and access counters to your pages. Your ability to use CGI scripts will usually depend on whether your service provider offers access to the cgi-bin directory of the server.

General Writing Reference

These sites have large, organized collections of links to information about every aspect of Web page design.

  • Roget’s Thesaurus is considered the king of thesauruses. Not only do you find the synonyms you need, but you can also search for antonyms and be enriched by the “On This Day” feature describing what happened on the current day in the past.
  • offers a complete compendium of more than 1,500 dictionaries in 230 languages, providing the meaning and etymology of the words you seek as well as a word of the day.
  • Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style answers your questions about usage and style.
  • Purdue’s Online Writing Lab offers many resources for improving your writing.