Resume – Elizabeth Bailey

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A training and development professional with demonstrated expertise aligning process improvement, training, and other interventions with organizational and department business goals to improve organizational performance. Successfully identified factors causing performance barriers and defined and implemented strategies to remove those barriers within a number of different industries, including healthcare, government, software development, deregulated utility, oil and gas, and financial services.  See LinkedIn profile for more information.


Experience spans all aspects of curriculum development, policy and procedure, instructional design, process design, technical writing, technical editing, and management. Specialties include process improvement, facilitation, business process improvement, onboarding strategy, software training, criterion-based learning, evaluation strategies, blended learning, post-learning strategies, behavioral engineering, performance analysis, performance support systems, and course development.

January 2011 – 2020
University of Maryland University College (higher education)
Adjunct Professor

  • Instruct undergraduate students using Desire2Learn in 3 credit-hour, experiential learning courses that upon completion, the student submitted a portfolio of experiential learning gained from work, military service, and community and volunteer activities for undergraduate credit hours.
  • Work as the EXCL Course Chair, supporting all faculty teaching sessions of the course and providing quality assurance review for all courses being taught during the year. Teach other courses as needed such as Writing for Managers, COMM 390.

January 2016 – December 2021
Boise State University

  • Guide graduate students through the learning of adult learning principles to support their achievement of a master’s degree or certification in organizational performance and workplace learning.
  • Assist learners in applying a broad range of adult learning concepts to organizational challenges.

September 2016 – September 2018
Mintz Group (professional services)
Director,  Training

  • Developed and presented training and development programs for more than 150 investigative and operations staff worldwide: UK, China, Singapore, and U. S.
  • Provided thought leadership, methodology, and tools to positively influence strategic direction.
  • Transformed the onboarding and continued development experience by designing, developing, and implementing a learner-centered, performance support system using Drupal.
  • Increased productivity through the development and implementation of a background check/investigative research training program to transform the learning environment, including empirical research methods.
  • Improved employee engagement by designing and implementing an on-the-job mentoring program to support new employees worldwide.
  • Developed and implemented a performance improvement process and review guidelines for novice supervisors, along with coaching employees in using constructive feedback concepts.

March 2015 – January 2016
University of North Texas
Completed and defended dissertation resulting in awarded doctorate.

January 2012 – February 2015
ION Solutions, an AmerisourceBergen company (health care)
Director, Contracting | Program Design and Training

  • Designed and implemented training curriculum while planning delivery, tracking, and evaluation through Cornerstone learning management system. Recommended integration of Articulate Storyline.
  • Planned strategic direction for designing, conducting, and supporting ION’s revenue stream using the latest training methodologies, techniques, and concepts.
  • Determined training needs through numerous evaluation methods including task and needs analysis. Worked with developers within an Agile environment to define user stories.
  • Designed and implemented usability strategy including studies with TechSmith Morae, to define software usability enhancements within a software development life cycle (SDLC), to decrease customer support calls and improve user performance, and enhance processes for software solution deployment.
  • Guided product team through core project milestones to achieve successful product launch. Managed the operations of our Nucleus Solutions’ mock clinic, in which we provide training offerings to pharmaceutical representatives and practice personnel, a revenue channel for the organization.
  • Facilitated overview of ION Solutions offerings and Nucleus Solutions Clinic for more than 600 guests and new hires.

June 2008 – December 2011
McKesson Pharmaceuticals (health care)
Manager, Organizational Effectiveness, Customer Care

  • Designed and executed a quality call monitoring process and developed the team performing the evaluations on more than 250 call center agents in three locations across the US. Designed and developed interventions to support agent performance in NICE and to meet customer expectations. Assessed staff skills, capabilities, and succession gaps.
  • Designed and executed the training program for an SAP warehouse training, including strategy for training cadre of trainers and coordination of training implementation.
  • Led the design and implementation of a new hire training program designed to allow new hires to be effective and well-performing customer service representatives upon completion.
  • Designed and executed the implementation of a new, web-based, documentation (FrameMaker) storage solution (using Adobe AIR) supporting access to more call center agents across three sites.
  • Provided strategic direction on the usage of the SumTotal learning management system and selection of a new learning management system.

January 2003 – December 2008
Dallas County Community College District, Richland College

Standing instructor for the Technical Writing Essentials course for the Continuing Education department at North Lake College and for Technical Writing I, Advanced Technical Writing, Resume and Portfolio, and Technical Editing courses for the Continuing Education department at Richland College.

June 2006 – June 2008
Countrywide Home Loans (financial sector)
Curriculum Development Manager, Loss Mitigation

  • Provided strategic direction to instructional designers, located locally and remotely, creating curriculum to support the Loss Mitigation staff in efforts to maintain a superb level of service as recorded by JD Powers & Associates.
  • Designed and developed the curriculum infrastructure to support current processes and procedures as well as the development of staff.
  • Identified metrics needed to evaluate team success.
  • Provided strategic direction to policy and procedure writers located in remote locations across the US, supporting operations across three sites in the US and two sites in India.

September 2004 – June 2006
Management Systems Designers, Inc. (MSD) (government)
e-Learning Project Manager

  • Designed and executed a distance learning solution for a cross-platform, database integration tool, supporting the Department of Treasury’s Compliance operations of more than 20,000.
  • Provided strategic direction of a project team to design, develop, and produce online, self-paced, multimedia, Web-based training materials delivered within an existing learning management system.


Ph.D., Applied Technology and Training Development
University of North Texas

MS, Instructional and Performance Technology
Boise State University

BS, Management